Monday, September 28, 2009

Hanging in There

Rick had another BCG instillation last Friday, and this one hit him hardest of all of them. He slept most of Friday and Saturday, and felt unwell all weekend long. Today (Monday, 9/28) he's at a continuing education class in Bremerton. I am glad he is in a classroom instead of trying to work in the field. He was concerned about staying awake in class. He feels a little better every day after a treatment, so I hope he's feeling much better by now.
He did come to see most of our grand daughter's first soccer game yesterday, but had to leave early.
It is another beautiful sunny day here, although rain was predicted for today and tomorrow. I see clouds blowing by from the southwest,and it's windy in general, which means the rain is probably on the way.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Latest

Dear Hearts and Gentle People,
At last, a little good news. Rick went to the urologist last Wednesday, Sept. 2, and was told that things are as good as they could be. The urologist was positive - the original site was clean, and the new tumor which was forming in another part of Rick's bladder was removed and immediately treated with a chemo drug called mytomicin-C (sounds like a super hero to me: "Here I come to save the day!") which is known to prevent recurrences of bladder cancer. So the doc thinks things are going well.
Rick will have three more BCG treatments, starting next Friday, and then in November he'll have another cystoscopy to see how the inside of his bladder looks, and if it looks clean at that time, he won't have to go back to the doc until after the first of the year. He will continue to be monitored, which is good.
What we, and many others, have learned about cancer is that you're never done. You don't get told you are "cured." Sometimes you get to say you're "in remission," but we have not been told that about Rick, just that things are looking okay right now, and this will be an ongoing process.
And that's about as good as it gets.
We are back home in our house in Beulah Park; we're slowly unpacking and putting things away; Rick is working full time, mostly; I played at Cafe Luna here on the island last Saturday and made a whopping $27. As JW McClure says, it's just like the good old days. As I told him, $27 went a lot farther in 1973.
Hope you are all well.