Monday, October 4, 2010

Rick's First Day Back at Work

Photo: Working man having lunch.

Today was the day! Rick went in and did locates for the water system for four hours this morning. Then he came home to have lunch and take a nap. He's going back in on Wednesday. They are starting him easy, which is a good thing, because he sure isn't up for difficult.
God bless you, Water District 19, for standing by Rick and holding his job for him. You rock.
Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of Rick's being diagnosed with end stage renal disease, and the beginning the great adventure of living with and learning about kidney failure and dialysis. Today is the first time he has worked since then. Now we wait and watch and see how it goes.
Meanwhile, having finished lunch he says he's off for a little lie-down.
In other news, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this morning. I replaced half the sugar with Splenda. We are now sampling the cookies to see if they're any good. Cannot make a definitive statement based on one cookie. Must test more.
Splenda may make them less caramelized in taste, but they seem OK to me. While it is good in theory to have less sugar, no one has produced a fat-free Crisco so far as I know. There is no replacement for chocolate chips, either, and there had better not be. Heresy.