Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Day After The Latest Surgery

Greetings once more from the Northwest Kidney Center on Delridge Way in West Seattle. Dropped Rick off here around two and went off to have adventures - i.e., got a new battery for my cell phone. Got back around four and discovered him sleeping quietly in the dialysis chair. He had to have shots today, and after he has shots he has to wait for a while before getting hooked up to the machine. I imagine this gives the shots time to soak in before dialysis filters everything out of his blood.
He did have his seventh surgery yesterday - old catheter out, new catheter in. This surgery has turned out to give him more pain than most of the previous ones.
We got home from the hospital last night and both of us dropped into bed. I was fully clothed, and slept straight through until ten this morning, over 12 hours, and I don't think I moved much during that interval. I was tired. Rick was in a world of hurt. He says it's better today than it was last night, so we look for improvement in the pain area as time goes on.
You can see why I did not want to disturb his sleep in the chair just now.
Our thanks and appreciation to all who have inquired how he is doing. The hope of perhaps being able to do PD again has him doing well. We know it might not work, but at least he has a shot at trying.
The Kidney Center is set up for people having dialysis. It is not set up for spouses or other family or friends of people having dialysis. That is why I am sitting in my car, netbook propped on steering wheel, typing away. I am sorry to complain about this; it is my nature to complain I suppose. They do provide free wifi.
That's about it for today.


  1. Mary, rest assured Rick and you both are in Lisa and my prayers. I've got more time for this sort of thing as I've finally fully retired and am now officially in "nuisance around the house" mode. My morning devotions are more comprehensive, more inclusive of all whom I know and much slower paced as they are no longer wedged between freeway merges, road rage moments and curses for missed turns! Actually, I've always worked out of the house, but prayed like I was in a car. Now that I'm really retired, I've somehow assumed a slower more meditative pace. Kinda nice for a hyper ex-A type. Anyway, as the blog email address sez, "The Adventures o' Frick." Who is Frick by the way? Take care and more prayers are on the way. Alan Blue Heron

  2. Rick, sure hope the new plumbing works, we're pullin for you and Mary...