Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Good Time Was Had by All

Kanout Mfg. rides again! Photo by Ariel Howie
Now that I'm starting to catch up a little, I want to tell you all about Chris & Irene, Ariel & Glenn, coming to visit us in July.
Chris Howie is Rick's old buddy and music partner. They first met in high school days down in Marin County, and they came up here in Oatus, the 1946 Dodge flatbed truck Chris found, in 1970. They built a house on the back, and that was their lodging on that wild ride from California to Washington.
When I first came to Washington I met the two of them and played music with them and decided to move up here. It was sort of like that. We performed as Kanout Mfg. Company for a year or two.
Chris and his wife, Irene, moved over to Spangle, a town just south of Spokane, back in the mid-90s. I think the original impetus for moving over there to a farm was to raise ostriches. Once they got over there, though, they decided to get out of the ostrich business. Chris met people with whom he plays music over there.
Chris's adult daughter, Ariel, lives in Seattle, and she and her sweetie Glen came out with Chris & Irene and they made a day of it here on the rock.
We ate a lot of food that they brought, Irene & I got to visit & catch up, and then all three of us played some of the old songs - songs we sang many times years ago when we were young and took the music for granted. Now it's a blessed gift to be able to play it and sing it together again.
I'm going to try to load some more photos here - blogspot is being recalcitrant! Wish you could have been here. It was a lovely day.

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  1. Thanks for keeping the blog going, it is good to see a picture of Chris, Mary And Rick.I hope that the road ahead is smoother for the both of you.